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Give Me The Remote

Oct 7, 2018

Sheridan and John find a lot to like about Solo, Thor Ragnarok, and Life of the Party

Sep 30, 2018

John and Sheridan are off the shows and into the movies with a cinematic triple play this week covering I Feel Pretty, Edge of Darkness, Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom

Sep 17, 2018

Give Me The Remote has a lot to say about Bojack Horseman Season 5, followed by new wave journalism and we finish with the surprising life of an extra on a Netflix show. 

Sep 9, 2018

This week politics in both Australia and the USA dominates our viewing, and the intersections surprise us as we tackle 014 - Who is America? Veep, Rake, and White Fang!

Sep 2, 2018

John and Sheridan take on the heroes and review Avengers Infinity War, Deadpool 2, and GLOW!